DC Blogs: Recent Finds


When this listing was assembled last, May 25th, gas at the my local Adams Morgan gas station was $4.05. It’s now $4.15, which may explain why blogging activity seems to be picking up.

This is a list of blogs that have turned up in either the email or in recent searches. They aren’t necessarily new blogs.

There are close to 40 blogs on this list. It almost seems as if another new blogging wave is building.

Some of these blogs may already be in the live feed. Listing in the feed is by request To be included just send an email to dcblogs(at)gmail.com or leave a note in the comments section.

So in random, somewhat alphabetized order …

…lc in dc… tears and travel

A Little Maryment, except when discussing 30th birthday with psychiatrist. Excerpt: The Doc then said something that really hit home – that maybe I was feeling apprehensive about my birthday because I had already lost a lot of time and energy in my life to being anxious—that my social anxiety had caused me to miss opportunities. I left the office with a new perspective on my birthday (and a prescription for a higher dosage of Zoloft…)

A Spiced Life. A mom blogs about food. About work she writes: The guy in the cube next to me is listening to sermons. Church sermons. Without headphones.

Adventures in DC. who writes … I am up late and in the mood to share … A half hour of typing and – ultimately – deleting.

Beauty Connoisseur. Foundations.

Bernadette Geyer. Livin’ the literary life in the exiles of suburbia.

Black Sapience…My .02 Provocative writer.

Blogging Beta. The intra-dc-moving post here.

BrockLi Soup is a DC blog that’s been around forever. Brock writes: I like music, beer, 30 Rock, and puppies. I hate MySpace.

But I have thoughts. On thought concerns Comcast: I feel so betrayed.

City Musings. Best part of my life right now: Tangysweet. It’s the new kid on the P Street block, not dissimilar to Pinkberry, New York City’s finest Coldstone-style frozen yogurt gig.

Culinary Couture. Food and angst served. Excerpt: I’ve been known to repeatedly slam my head in to a metaphorical wall and simultaneously scream, “Why does this hurt?”

Confesiones de Una Soltera.. in broken Spanish. Dating.

DC Teacher Chic. A teacher’s observational chalkboard.

ErinSlick. From 100 things: I’ve written papers on the history of the vibrator, American conservation and the establishment of the National Park Service, and the emphasis on gender norms as conveyed in cookbooks from the ’30s and ’40s.

Dogs DC. This blog appears focused on police shootings of dogs.

Dupont Circle, Washington DC. Photos and observations.

freshSample 3.0. Art and thought.

Hippo Crusades is making eyes on the Metro. She writes: Regardless of the slim-pickings on my commute, I haven’t mastered a come-hither look or learned how to get results from flirting. I normally clam up around guys I like and my half-smile from across the bar/room/train turns into a nervous blank/cynical stare.

I (Heart) Dee See. Life and complications. Excerpt: I think I’m actually looking forward to my thing with Drew because I feel like even if Alan and I are broken up, at least we have a friendship with Drew in common.

I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. Music and life and work: I figured out what I hate about my new job: the paper pushing, too many meetings, arguing with folks on behalf of my people, management portion of it. I want to do good work, not talk about it in meetings!!

Jason’s Blog about DC. The scene, Capital Brewery: I prevented the waitress and bus boys from removing my entree dish as Patrick was still eating which is a pet peeve of mine as the last person eating feels rushed.

Joey Bahamas
describes himself: So I’m twenty one, a college graduate, and trying to strike out on my own and change the world. I’m also an Aquarius…whatever that means. I’m political…A Semi-Marxist Anti-Racist Feminist… and nervous about what life will bring my way.

Moshe Zusman, lifestyle photojournalist. Engaging and well crafted work.

My DC Internship. Excerpt: Bad news came today… My entire reason for accepting the internship I did was because I thought I would be able to travel around the country on this mega press tour to promote the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya. Mr. Mayweather retired today in a statement issued through our office, thus canceling the press tour, fight, and my one ‘known’ reason for being here.

not your ordinary hollly. While shoe shopping: … Just then there was a dog in my face and my jaw dropped in shock! I was suddenly on his level and he took the opportunity to give me a quick slip of the tongue! I got a French kiss from a corgi–not what I was expecting!

Patrick Does DC. Excerpt: So we went to see the place at Petworth today. We’re pretty sure the guy took a photo of the next building over which was way nicer. Regardless, our biggest concern wasn’t finding a decent property so much as making it back to the metro station without being shot.

Project Culture Vulture. Art in depth.

Sexy Smart Stylish. Shopping finds.

Summer and the City. Life as a DC Intern: I’m a senior at BYU majoring in public relations. This summer I’m doing an internship in Washington DC…and blogging about it.

SistaSocialite: You can call me a shy-socialite.

the arugula files
: Notes from my kitchen and tables around DC.

The DC Sports Page. Sports and analysis.

This Too Shall Pass. I dated an algorithm: Eharmony, couples, by contrast (if their televised success stories are an indication) look so mismatched that they may as well have been thrown together onto fly paper: squat, awkward men with tall, stern angular women, round faced women with square faced men.

To love and hate DC. (But better than Maryland) Excerpt: I overheard someone on the patio of Adam’s Mill yesterday about how awesome DC is that we can sit outside in the warm weather and drink beers on a Sunday afternoon. Not only that, but it was $2 lite drafts and they gave us a deck of cards to play Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack. So indeed, there are some perks to living in the city and not across the river or in MD, especially in the summer.

Virescent. Green topics and Green inducing diet. Excerpt: Breakfast: peanut butter sandwich. Dinner: Peanut butter sandwich, apple, cookies.

Words from Hanvnah: it must be summer in dc. my legs are covered in bites. itchy big red bites.