DCBlogs: Recent finds

The price in Adams Morgan

Finding new* local blogs in Washington DC is a random process. Some people request listing. Others may be unaware of DC’s broader blogging community or want to remain a little below the radar.

Here are some of recent finds in our feed reader. Some are already in the live feed. The intent is to give a little snapshot of the DC blog universe.

*New doesn’t mean necessarily mean a new blog. Months may go by before a local blogger turns up in a search and it’s hard to tell sometimes what’s local or not. — kob (The asterisk technique is borrowed from Foilwoman, who does Wednesday’s Blogs Noted posting.)

If you want to be listed in the feed, write: dcblogs(at)gmail.com, or leave a note in comments.

So in random, somewhat alphabetized order …

adventures in knitting and other geeky mishaps. The blog title is true to the topic, with photos of creations, materials.

Adventures with Jenny in Washington DC and Beyond! Nice post here about DC’s conformist culture .. I was walking to the Hart Senate Office Building ,where I’m working these days with the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee when I notice that every single person walking with me to their respective offices had black umbrellas …

Bread for the City. Smartly done blog with widgets.

Bicycle Girl: One Girl, One Life, One Bike. And One Wheel. Front wheel stolen.

Bureaurat310. The 310 may be a deep wonk thing, office number, or calorie content. This blogger needs to read some other blogs because if his idea of a bad day is …. OMG I’m, like, having such a bad day. This morning one of my fresh and clean white dress shirts had the most random stain on the collar. I didn’t even see it until after I tied my tie, which meant I had to undo my tie and put on a new shirt! Ugh!

My bet is that Coobysnacks has no interest in working for the NIH. He writes: After an intense workout at the gym today, I decided that I would reward myself with four crunchy taco supremes from Taco Bell for dinner.

Dana May Goes to Washington. Blogger admits to writing letters.

Days in Washington DC. Two journalism students from China are sharing observations about the city. Put this one on your must read list. The most recent post may have been in Chinese, which may explain why it isn’t showing up. Just added to the live feed.

DC City Blog. There are a number of blogs turning up like this. Heavy on listings, things to do. But this blog also has some reporting to it.

DC Livin. Real estate by a Realtor.

DC Weather Report: Mostly Bad News. Love the banner art on this one.

Episcopal Princess. Focus on the Episcopal church with a personal touch.

Fat Biscuit. life-job+baby

FoodieTots. Great name, and sharp design. Hungry …

Green Piece Blog. It’s mission: This blog is a reminder of the piece we often forget when traveling, eating, voting, and building; the green piece. Visit for advice, editorials, and news that complete the puzzle.

her juvenescent elixir. Makeup.

Live It, Love It works “at a small commercial real estate firm downtown” who wants to travel, and writes: Life is short, and possibly meaningless… but as long as I have a new place to go, a new culture to immerse myself in, and new relationships to create, I truly feel like I’m getting everything I can out of my pathetic little life.

Live on the Red Line. DC real estate.

Tales from Coach Land and Planning a “Coach” Wedding. Her wedding, her bills.

MoCo Lotion. I view having a pet as sort of like owning other high-maintenance money pits like a boat or beach house. From: Murder and Mystery In My Backyard

My life. A life.

Peace Harmony Love. Nice photos. You will know this blogger after reading this blog.

Saint in Exile – Life in Washington DC observes his city: Oh, and here’s a random observation: I was at the corner of New York Ave NW and 14th Street NW today. There was some weirdo out for a jog. I could hear him coming from a block away, hooting and hollaring about something.

NSpirit On Life. On equality, On lesbian relationships, On social justice, On music and anything else from the spirit. Join N on life

Spokes of a Wheel. A writer who is … an avid cyclist, bike shop mechanic, lover of the outdoors, etc.

Tea and Crumpets. Lexiloo describes herself: I work in the non-profit industry and am also in grad school. I’ve lived abroad several times and would like to again. I love to travel and fill my passport with stamps. I read a lot and want to build libraries where they don’t have any. I have a lot of cookbooks and love using them and trying new recipes. I have an adorable godson named Jackson and I sponsor a little girl in Albania called Majlinda through World Vision. I love cupcakes, chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries and deviled eggs.

TCA in DC…Walking back to the Metro, stopped and listened to some poetry at the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency at Dupont Circle. A nice break on a beautiful night. Favorite was a women’s poem about cracks in the sidewalk – some sort of metaphor for life.

The kids, the dog and us. The title leaves nothing out.

The Life of a DC Intern shares photos of her apartment and this writer and her three roommates are living well. It’s in Photos!

This girl in D.C. says… she is getting married. A week ago I turned 33 and became a bride to be. That’s right, James proposed to me and of course, I said yes. … I have zero doubts about James and I therefore, I am the happiest girl – bride to be – ever.