dcblogs.com/live — it’s back

It’s Alive www.dcblogs.com/live

dcblogs.com/live is live and the goal is to keep it running from here on out. It will now post updates every 30 minutes. After the initial beta test last month it was moved to a professionally hosted server. The original list of test blogs was pulled, and blogs are now added on request. A long list of bloggers responded to the initial request to be included in the live listing. If you would like your blog to appear on the live listing, please send a note to dcblogs@gmail.com If you sent a request to be listed (prior to this week) and do not see your blog in the live index, it’s an oversight on my part. Please resend. Regarding Art: The blurry screen shots that appear are placeholders. I’ve begun replacing them, but it’s a manual process. I’ve been taking some liberties with the art with the goal of making the page visually interesting. But if you want something else for art, please let me know. It’s important that you are happy with the result. Feel free to submit your own art design or photo for the live listing, but please own the copyright of the art. Credits: Thomas Fausel developed the live feed engine. Tom is a talented technologist and good friend who first used it for www.ctweblogs.com. He put an enormous number of hours building it and deserves more thanks than I can possibly offer. His work represents his belief in the importance of blogs. The live Web page is designed and maintained by Laurie Conrod. The live feed isn’t a substitute for the edited content on the main dcblogs page but is complementary . The edited content will return Monday. — KOB

Note: There’s an faq link off the live page, but the faq isn’t complete.