Depression and black lacquer

The ship awash, our rudder gone
Standing at the Corner of Evil and Indecision
Free floating angst.

The last couple of days more than anything have felt like something’s missing. I’ve got great friends, a good job, activities that I enjoy to keep busy; heck .. So why do I feel like I’m just adrift?

My soul slides away
I hate kit kats
This is why I telecommute:

On the left side of the corridor is a string of offices side by side like so many cells in a prison. My cell is the second one after the conference room.

Flirting 101
A girl in DC
The art of flirting from a hotel in Chicago.

The hotel here in Chicago has a very nice lounge area downstairs. I just spent time down there enjoying some wine and going over some work. I also started getting some free drinks my way from some Germans who are in town for the restaurant convention that is also happening here.

Dust in the wind
A Silent Cacophony
The title refers to a song by Kansas but this post explains why all prizes aren’t winners.

Speaking of “fair play,” I’m reminded of a time some 10 years ago in Colorado Springs when I heard on the radio that some concert promoters were selling tickets to a performance by the group “Kansas,” and that the first few people in line when the tickets went on sale would be guaranteed seats in Row 1.

The Wedding
Jenny Miller
Scenes from a wedding. A slide show. (This blog also has the coolest title art)

Back in black
Soleil, Lune & Astales
I’m linking this only as a public service for the betterment of humanity.

A hot fashion tip for the summer: Black lacquered toes are all the rage.