Fifty-Nine More Minutes Than We Usually Spare It

Hi there, DC Blogs!

As you return tomorrow from your full day of cherry-blossom ogling, and marathon-cheering, and kite-flying, and general festival-exploring; and you kick off your shoes and smile and are gladdened by the lovely things there are to do and see in this great city, please consider doing something more:

At 8 pm, local time, turn off the lights.

Turn off the tv. Take a break from reading blogs and surfing the Internets and watching the Numa Numa guy on YouTube again and go hang out with friends or enjoy an early evening stroll. Or just enjoy being.

But just turn off the(nonessential) lights. Be part of Earth Hour, happening all across the globe.

Think Global warming doesn’t exist? Think turning off the lights for an hour won’t make a difference? That’s okay, friend: it’s healthy to be a skeptic. I urge you to stop by Earth Hour’s FAQ and read more about what impact turning lights off for an hour can have.

But why not do it to see what happens? We could reduce our CO2 output by 10% like they did in Sydney, Australia, last year.

But it will not happen if you don’t at least try.


Madame Meow hopes not to catch herself blogging through that time slot. She also recommends Prosecco as the best drink for a temporary blackout– yours from Trader Joe’s for under $7.