Golden moments

Avert Your Eyes
What happens when Verizon workers meet Golden Retriever. A wonderfully written piece.

The other day when I returned from work, I found 5 Verizon technicians staring intently at a 3-foot diameter hole they had dug in my yard. They seemed to be mesmerized by their efforts. It was as if the hole was speaking to them.

The nuptials
Learning to fly
From the bachelorette party to touching ceremony ending in a flurry of rose petals and “me catching the bouquet.”
My Orgy Weekend
Yogini at Law
It’s about a weekend realized fully. There are the jewelry discoveries at the International Gem & Jewelry Show at the Dulles Expo Center, jazz at the Kennedy Center, mashed potatoes, yoga and a drink called Arak.

Some of you might not be familiar with Arak….it is a type of alcohol, similar to Ouzo, which is licorice-flavored and very strong. I was introduced to it by my Lebanese boyfriend (hereinafter “LBF” – The term does not imply that I have more than one boyfriend, as I have only one, but it used in a strictly descriptive sense.)

Even on a bike, I can’t ask for directions
Post includes two very detailed Google maps showing two possible bike routes in Alexandria. The first shows the path this writer says he should have taken, the second shows the one he did take. It’s the route with big hills.
Our book
Cleveland Park Junior League
A group blog that’s “not only anti-social, but also dangerous,” and, in this post, also in search of a book contract.

I will write new-school for you: in public on the internet; or I will write old-school if you wish: I will write charmingly, I will write wittily, I will write long-hand on yellow legal pads filched from my current job. I’m a born author.

Star Wars wrap:
Patrick Ruffini and his Star Wars Photoshop Contest, featuring Obi Dick Cheney.
Rock Creek Rambler buys “two lightsaber replicas at $120 a pop.” (Read the comments)Non-Star Wars: If your current job just isn’t working out you can

Make big money driving trucks. Thrashing Through Cyberspace. Humorous photo of a truck sign.