Labor Day Break Edition

New Orleans memories: Fat Tuesday No Taming This Shrew A talented, fast-paced and furious, writer at work.

It was one of those moments where I realized just how young and stupid we really were. You could see it in our sleep-crushed faces and crazy hair. We were teetering on the edge of deep shit and could feel it in our marrow. We got off easy with only one bail being paid. No one hurt, no one injured, no one killed.

Feats of Strength Kathryn on … Double treat: Vacation photos and lawn decorations. Photos.

TC: Hey, see those [heavy, blue ceramic decorative orbs] over there?
KO: Yes….
TC: I bet I can pick one up.
KO: Go ahead and give it a shot. Let me get my camera out

Alpha Soccer Omega DC Sports A tribute to the camaraderie of soccer players.

I love my fellow soccer players. I’m not saying that this is restricted only to footballers as a group, but I feel like we’re a closely-knit fraternity. I really haven’t come around to noticing this until now, since I’ve been hurt and on the sidelines (ironic, that I’d notice something about soccer players when I’m not actually on the field). When I walk around the supermarket or CVS or around the building here at work, very rarely do I get a random person asking me what happened or how it happened or anything about my obviously-injured foot. But when I’m at the field, players I’ve never met before will ask, “what happened to you?”… “how long are you out?”…”

Embarassments of the day Blackberry Debutantes A bad day that starts this way:

On my way to a second interview with a potential employer, I ran into a street sign. With my forehead. In downtown DC. A “Do Not Enter” sign. Irony, I know.

Because Even Criminals Have Bed Times The Blog from Nowhere A cookout, the National Guard and high-powered lights.

Three soldiers emerged from the Humvee and erected the lights, which ran off a generator in the trailer at the base of the light pole. As they were setting up they were joined by two D.C. cops who drove up in a MPDC van. The lights were set up to illuminate the entry to the alley behind Perry Place.

Also Noted: Since Congress is in recess, our writer decides to wear a pair of Natucket Red pants. Two hot girls passed me and said “What’s up with fashion nowadays?” writes Advice and Consent, a new blog. It gets better for this writer at work. He concludes: Whoever designed Nantucket red for guys on pants (JCrew?) never experienced snotty DC business professionals. The ChaliceBlog, which has the mottoWhen I am dead, may it be said, “Her sins were scarlet, but her blog was read,” writes about a Dupont Circle church. The minister is a hippie, and not the cool kind like Edie. He thinks guitar music is just the thing for making a Gothic Cathedral homey. Operation Iraqi Freedom, A One-Act Play, on Alt. Hippo. Clever. Book recommendation: Rubicon by My Blog. It paints a very harsh picture of the city of Rome and the Roman way of life, a remarkable picture of men and women of extraordinary capability who are out for their own glory at the expense of friend and family and who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. It is extremely readable. Universal curse, by the Ankle Biter. So, Tom and I had originally planned to leave for Pittsburgh early this afternoon. And yet, here it is, quarter-to-nine as I type this sentence, and I’m still in Arlington. Let’s examine the chain of events that caused it, shall we? A list of moving tips by Maisnon, including: look for charities that accept business clothing, for example Dress for Success. New Irish restaurant coming at Vermont & Florida, reports A Capitol Life.

Dear Readers: I’m taking a short break and will return with daily postings right after Labor Day. Meanwhile, please explore the links. Thanks for visiting this blog.