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Zack Morris Cell Phone explains itself this way: In this crazy, complicated, expensive, and wired world, it’s nice to reflect on Zack Morris and his cell phone.

between the lines has a friend who said this about her: I am quite fond of how you can yack on your cell phone and ride your bike and snack on corn chips all at the same time.

Monumental Thoughts is by Rick Snider, who describes himself as “a native Washingtonian whose family came to “Federal City” in the early 1800s, Rick Snider is a journalist, licensed Tour Guide, Realtor, father, husband, dog owner and lots more.”

Casey, the author of (a)musings, says this about her blog: I will probably blog a lot about yoga, people, relationships, love, the quest to identify my soulmate, food, restaurants, and music. There will be lots of analogies.

B Miller Experience is a native Washingtonian: I blog about lots of things pertaining to life in the DC Metro Area and life in general.

Coolinary, Inc. is about wit and cooking, recipes, culture.

All about the local brews and the places that serve them at The Pint Glass.

Chi Chi Sophistication is about hair styling, laughs and good conversation.

Cosmic Vibes Live is all about DC area music.

United With Love is all about weddings.

Blue Plate Special is about 20-something life in DC, with a heavy emphasis on food.