Stop McMetro
DC Metro Action

Metro seems intent on pasting advertising on Metro trains and buses. But more troubling is this recent report in the Washington Post: (If the link doesn’t work the story appear May 10, with this head: Cash-Strapped Metro Rolls Out Ad-Wrapped Trains.)

Coming soon will be television screens inside trains and buses that will broadcast news, sports scores and, of course, commercials. Tunnel ads — a series of panel drawings that will appear to move like so many flip cards as the train passes — could be in place as early as the fall. ATMs and banner ads will debut in stations soon.

Can you imagine – TV on the metro? DC Metro Action argues that:

The nation’s capital deserves better. We already have one of the best Metro systems in the country. Don’t let marketers turn it into a giant glossy magazine ad that benefits mega-corporate interests.

Using Brad Pitt as a Metaphor to Describe Life
Up All Night Jane
Jane’s writing is better than the article she excerpts about Pitt.

Then he got married and I said, “Guess I gotta put away that naughty little fantasy!” cause a true woman never fantasizes about another woman’s property, unless you’re in the mood for a little guilt orgasm.

From the line
In Shaw

Most newspapers would be extremely happy for a columnist who could write two times a week what MM writes daily on her neighborhood blog. This entry is a take on views and values.

From the line in the Home Depot Garden Center … you can see the Washington Monument. This is what you notice when waiting to pay for a couple of bags of dirt.

The Anti-Smoking Fascists Are Back
Rock Creek Rambler
Reports that at least one anti-smoking initiative will reach the city council this year, and has information concerning an June 9 “town hall meeting on anti-smoking initiatives.”

I Saw You
The J Word

Fantasy “I Saw You” ad:

Well, being the people watcher I am, I am starting a sorta-section of my blog called: Should-be I Saw You’s

Best Album Cover Tuesday
Tof Renkin Day!
Los Angeles, Las Vegas

The world is full of good blogs and to mix things up a bit on DC Blogs, I intend to occassionally offer a link to an out-of-metro-area blog.

This post features an ablum cover that’s probably not in your collection, “Colonel Sanders’ Tijuana Picnic.” Very interesting ablum art that’s dissected at length.

Our favorite part of the album photo is the big box next to the woman. Everyone knows that KFC comes in buckets, just like the Colonel himself is holding, and when I first saw the big box with handles, I was, to be honest…shocked and awed.