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DC can change moods quickly I am not very good at naming things A post about life observed in and around Dupont Circle.

Walking around in a funk last night stuck in my “what is going on with my life” quandary, I realized that walking around can actually remind me of things in the world outside of my head. I saw a dog in his “last throes”, as Cheney would say, and was brought to tears …

Blackberry Debutantes The wedding isn’t quite in the works but the planning is underway. Thoughts about marriage

I really am beginning to think that all females have the “marriage” gene. Just like with your eye color, it might be dominant orrecessive; except that the marriage gene is dominant, and evolution is slowly starting to kill out all recessive non-marriage genes. I have long prided myself on being independent and strong, capable of being alone and not bitching, assuaging any fears I have with false hopes of “the perfect man is out there for me.” Yet, in the prescense of the white dress, I flip out. I am all consumed. WTF mate.

Working Title (formerly Athens Socialites) Many people in DC are from someplace else. And for all DC offers, there’s still no place like home – at least for these Ohio interns. A nice post.

Never ever thought in a million years we’d miss Ohio but let me tell you something…We sure do! There is just something wholesome and endearing about nice midwestern folk that is impossible to find anywhere else. Maybe it’s the innocence of suburbia. Maybe its some unnatural high from all of those wheat crops but whatever it is…we miss it. We miss the strip malls and traffic lights, the town squares and small town familiarity …

DC and Me New DC arrival, new DC blog.

My first impressions of the city: awesome! DC people walk around in suits and skirts with sneakers and then put their heels and dress shoes on when they get to work. It’s funny to see them. The drivers do not stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. And people are fanatical about “stand on the right, walk on the left” on escalators. It’s very very very humid, but very beautiful. Really a great city. Nice houses, brick and old-looking. Brick crosswalks. Three people said good morning to me on the street today.

Urban Fantasy Real estate thoughts and why “Barracks Row is the new Logan Circle” thinking is part of what’s wrong.

First of all, we are not New York. Thank God. I will never live in New York because all its young, overeducated, snappy people can talk about is the superiority of their particular slice of burrough, just to justify making them feel better about paying $1600 a month for a shitty studio over an Indian restaurant.

There’s more real estate: Why.I.hate.dc. on I hate real estate and its price. Basically, it all makes me feel like a chump. I’m feel like I’m paid pretty well, but it still seems to get me nowhere. And I’m getting frighteningly close to that scary grown-up round-number age (don’t make me say it), at which point I’m going to feel especially super-lame if I’m still living like a college student. Also noted: A note about the DC Flickr gallery show by Prod & Ponder. Also: Washington DC/Metro Area/Pool on Flickr. (If you take photos, it’s a cool thing to join.) Zoe Mitchell, the writer of A Ten, A Five, and Five Ones, is “saying goodbye for real, for real.” She is moving because of law school. I’m moving because if I stay, I’ll never move on. She began her blog in July, 2003. DC Navigator has arrived. This new blog describes itself this way: The DC Navigator (”DC Nav” for short) is a newslog focused on getting in, around, and out of the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Here, you’ll find news on road closures, Metro issues, traffic projects and other items related to getting about town. If you’ve got a tip for us, drop a note to tips [at] dcnavigator.com. This note on the Cleveland Park Junior League. A summertime break: I am vacating CPJL for a much-needed summer break. I wish the CPMC and their harem a good summer without my gentle, alluring, seductive, flirtatious teasing. The wit and wisdom of Marion Barry for students of DC history by K Street Blues. Also writing about Barry is Babylon on the Potomac. Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in DC on the Cook Group Technology Blog. This post is two months old but looks good. Join the DC blog world. If you want to see what DC bloggers look like, check out these photos of the recent “Live Blog ‘05” by DC Cookie. Also, the first-ever DCist concert, Unbuckled, is taking place Thursday at the Black Cat backstage. The concert will feature Cartel and Bicycle Thieves, two great local bands. There’ll be a bunch of giveaways, including concert tickets for Tegan & Sara, Teenage Fanclub, and Thievery Corporation. Admission is just $7, and things will get started at 9 p.m.
Photo: Folklife Festival Sunday, an hour before opening.