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Forbes: City Blogs — Best of the Web Pick DC Blogs I thought this was some strange error. But this blog made the list and I was utterly shocked. I’m thankful for this kind recognition by Forbes but particularly grateful to the readers of this blog. What Forbes is really recognizing isn’t so much this Web site, but the many great blogs and bloggers in the DC area. Strange Things are Afoot … No Taming This Shrew Life in DC in the age of terror. A well told story.

Then this guy comes into the restaurant, very likely homeless or perhaps just eccentric. He’s wearing a black trench coat and flip flops, he has sort of wild hair and a beard. He’s not homeless wild, exactly, but something’s off. Particularly since I was wearing a strappy sundress and sweating my booty off and this fellow is wearing a trenchcoat. He was followed in by 20 Spanish tourists. The guy’s trenchcoat had a weird bulge, big one in the back, that was distinctly shotgun in shape.

We had a total DC panic attack at our table.

Like a tree planted next to water Grace’s Poppies When a fallen tree, struck by lighting, isn’t removed by the city neighbors take matters into their own hands. And our writer gets a wand in the process.

The drama of the tree struck by lightning continues to unfold. Yesterday by late afternoon, the citizens of G Street NE came to the conclusion that the city wasn’t going to produce a team of workers anytime soon (to clean up the huge fallen half tree), so they went to work on it themselves, first chainsawing the fallen half from the part still standing, then cutting the fallen branches into manageable chunks that could be lugged to the side of the street.

R We D8ing? Lagniappe in DC Relationships meet text messaging.

You see, there’s a New Guy on the scene and he really digs me. And i think i really dig him back. But here’s the situation thus far: we initially “met” through Friendster (aack! yes. the Way To Meet People that dare not speak it’s name) about a month or 2 ago and slowly started to get to know each other through a weekly e-mail exchange. Very cas. Nothing pressing. But fun banter and he was(is) quite persistent.

Also Noted: Knitting is a big thing in blog land. I don’t know yet how many are in the DC area, but here’s a good one: babblingB’s Knit Blog. In this post, Over Committed, she writes about a number of activities, including taking part in a group called MEETinDC. Our writer explains: They are a free social group that is about making friends. Meetin now has chapters all over the country, in fact the world. The way it works is that there is this web site and if you want to get some people to do something you post an event and anyone can sign up. Or you can sign up to go to someone else’s event. It is sorta like MeetUp in that way except rather than joining a specific activity group you can find people to do anything with. So you can go camping, to the movies, dinner a museum.

Cocorican has a two-for-one post. The first is a note about the “utter disappointment” with the turnout for the New York Times reporter, Judy Miller, who is in jail for refusing to disclose a source. …after skipping out of work at lunch and heading over, i was met with a wall of heat (“feels like 102 degrees” the news said) instead of a wall of impassioned bodies. totally unfortunate… And then there’s the shoe shopping part of the post. … now i’m known on the fifth floor as the lady with the great shoes. i can live with that …

If you’re in the mood for an excellent steak, A Blog Mainly About Food has a recommendation about something that’s available at the Eastern Market. Every Saturday, Cibola Farms come to Eastern Market to sell their outstanding free range meats and eggs. I had their version of a Slim Jim, a Buffalo Trail Stick, last weekend and gotta say even that was good. Their eggs are truly outstanding, if a little unpredictable. Refuse a police search on DC metro includes some links and information about this issue, should it arise here. From Fun things to do in DC. I hate kit kats has been writing about her desire to have a Kitty Kat. See photo: Someone’s idea of getting me a kitty for my birthday. Some background.
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