Monday Morning Slack Off Report

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  • I like Coors Light and all, but someone clearly loves Coors Light more than I do. In fact, the following photograph was taken at a real residence. I will never complain again about finding a few beer cans by the sink. Check out the true story on

  • Think what you want about New York. Those people say some funny things. Overheard in New York. An excerpt:

Dude #1: Oh my god! Did you hear about Jack*?
Dude #2: No, what?
Dude #1: [Excited whisper.]
Dude #2: He’s a what?
Dude #1: [Enunciates whisper.]
Dude #2: No — a hobo is a homeless person.

  • Late Registration, then Graduation. What next? Possible Titles for Kanye West’s New Album by McSweeney’s Lists. The only one missing is “Living in Parents’ Basement Playing Final Fantasy All Day”, you know, because that’s what I did.

  • After Peanuts ended and Charles Schulz died, over 1000 cartoonists created their own Peanuts inspired strips for publication, to honor the cartoon that made us say “Rats!” for years. Every now and then, I read those tribute comics, just to feel warm and fuzzy again. I admit it, I get a little choked up still. I’M NOT MADE OF STONE. Peanuts Tribute.

Have a wonderful work week. The Monday Morning Slack Off Report is being sent away on business, but will return shortly…