New adds to the live feed

We’ve been adding blogs to the live feed on regular basis, but have been exceptionally tardy about publishing a list of new adds. What follows are some recent inbox arrivals that were just added to the live feed. To get your blog listed writes

The work of a talented photographer, SnarkInfested

My Old Kentucky Home in DC is the story of two newlyweds beginning their new life together in the Nation’s Capitol.

True to the name is The DC Sports Pundit.

Advice for those who are New to DC.

Jessica is a freelane journalists and copywriter in Baltimore who writes lunch at 11:30.

Jonathan Hurwitz has lived in DC all his life and is now at NYU.

Jessica, a twenty-something who says she has lived in the District long enough “to start wanting to find activities off the beaten path,” does so at Where the Beltway Ends.

Lemon Zest is about randomness.

After traveling, The Unfiltered Thoughts of a Wannabe Gypsy is back in DC.

Laura chronicles her misadventures in food at the The Reckless Cook

The Hip Flask is about DC’s drink culture.

Potomac Artworks is about the paintings Of Bonnie Ferguson Butler and the stories behind them.

A professional idealist and amateur food enthusiast favors the latter at Hungry Sam.

That Kellie Girl is the story of a small town girl in DC.

Life, Liberty & D.C. Traffic is the blog of Crissy, a recent University of South Carolina graduate who is now in DC.

The Grassroots Media Project. People’s press.

Cleveland Park 2.0. All about the neighborhood.

A Guy, His Wife and their Kitchen. Blog title sums it up perfectly.