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PQ Nation is a group blog that describes itself as “the dream of one person to bring together great writers and expose them to a larger audience than what a social network like Myspace could provide.”

The Jade Pages. Jadxia’s journal, who is also a Meetup blog organizer.

The Georgetown Metropolitan is a neighborhood blog by an attorney for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The blog gets it name from the Georgetown Metropolitan, a newspaper published from 1820 to 1837.

The Hay Say. A range of topics with a focus on Columbia Heights.

Higher Patriotism says this about its blog mission: If dissent is the highest form of patriotism, I must really love my country.

The Smarmy Liberal is the work of two writers, Danny Kampf, a senior at The George Washington University, studying political science. He originally hails from Maine. Mike DeVito, who is “now in his second straight senior year” at GW studies both journalism and dramatic literature “and intends to do very little with either degree, instead turning his focus to public policy for his graduate work.”

Capitol B is the blog of Barbara Saylor, a writer, event consultant and DC’s arbiter of all things lush and lovely.

Southwest … The Little Quadrant that Could is focused on neighborhood news and developments in this section of the District.

Subalternate is based on subaltern studies, a system of analysis described by Edward Said, author of Orientalism, as “intellectually insurrectionary.”

Matt Frost who describes himself as “just another DC contractor,” writes about cars, women and fitness.

Poverty and Policy is by Kathryn Baer, a consultant in policy communications, who writes: This blog is an effort to use my skills on behalf of policies that will improve the lives of poor people and eliminate the root causes of poverty.

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare. The blog of a DC public schools math teacher.

By day, Samantha on Style is “a deputy online editor at a political magazine. By night, I live for fashion.”

BicycleSpokesman is about bicycling with an emphasis on bicycle touring. The writer is also involved in the local blogging Meetup and recently wrote about it in the post, The Upside Of Blogging.

Thank You Daddy is a news blog site that focuses on the following: pop culture, Hip-Hop drama, celebrity gossip, mixed martial arts, among other topics.

Inaugural Insanity. A DC resident’s effort to create a one-stop shop for the Jan. 20th inauguration.

In Town, a blog by a 27-year-old government worker with a focus on life in the District.

The triumviROOT describes itself as a synopsis of high-class culture.

Many Musings is an online art studio.

Nervous Rambling writes that she has always wanted pink hair, an eyebrow ring and to own a floral shop. I’ve also always wanted a service shetland pony, they are so freaking adorable with their high-top sneakers. But for now I will settle with the 2 dogs, 1 cat and 10 goldfish I have, a paycheck, and a clean cut image. Sigh.

Macheesmo is a cooking blog authored by Nick, who otherwise has a “normal” day job. He writes: When I’m not working, I love to cook and love everything food related. I’ve worked in a few restaurants throughout my life, but I have no formal training exactly. That said, I experiment with all types of cooking and love trying new stuff.

The Washington Teacher focuses on DC public schools and is “designed to facilitate communication about public education/ policy, labor issues and politics impacting teachers/service providers, union members, parents and concerned citizens.”

FreeAgent Writer is also a geek and thinker. The author’s Polaroid is in the banner. She writes: I’m afraid of the dark, so I can only be in total darkness when I am asleep. Bugs freak me out, so I have my son to protect me. Heights are not my thing, but I plan on skydiving one day.

Capitol Combat Sports is about a martial arts training center at 18th and U Streets NW.

SWDCBlog writes about news and development issues in the District’s Southwest Quadrant.

User 40.0 is a photography blog, the work of Marc Benton who works as a technology manager.

The Pink Chandelier is the blog of a writer who was born and raised in Miami, Fla. She describes herself this way: I married my prince charming who also happens to be in the Airforce, he completely spoils me by doing things like sweeping and moping the floor, and bringing me a glass of juice, when I’m all snuggled up in bed. For the last eight years we’ve been roaming the states a sort of hybrid nomad living where the AF orders us too! I’m the happy mother of two boys, ‘Mo’ who’s smarter than he should be, and ‘Copper’ a blissfully happy and sweet infant.

Inauguration Survival Guide. Help for the tourists.

ThingsToDo in DC, for the Weird, Broke and Lonely is a blog by a student.

An Educator’s Expedition is by Stephanie Borges, who writes: I truly believe that people need to be authentically involved with the world around them. So often, people fall victim to the tales woven by the news anchor or their best friend and fail to seek out their own answers to the issues surrounding them. I am a person who is dedicated to opening minds and challenging thoughts.

Anything! The blogger, Michelle, writes that she “loves to shop (especially shoes!), see live bands (especially Pearl Jam!), and de-clutter (especially if I can sell it on eBay!).”

Word Perv is about “the life and shenanigans of Courtney Birst.” Her 2009 resolutions include saving up half the cost of a trip to Antarctica trip, approximately $3,500.

Red Carpet Colors is a fashion blog. Racquel, it’s writers, explains: I especially look forward to seeing what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet. I view the red carpet as a high school yearbook of sorts . . . a prom king and prom queen most likely to succeed best smile . . . and the class clown. However the red carpet is missing one thing – a representation of celebrities of color. Although celebrities of color may be photographed frequently on the red carpet their pictures rarely make it into major fashion and gossip magazines. I’m going to change that starting with my baby steps – The Red Carpet Colors blog.

Dish-Trict a food blog. Some recent recipes include Motherland Meatballs, Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie Bar and Citrus-Rosemary Roasted Chicken.

Charlcie writes that she is “a 40-year-old originally from Oklahoma (Go Pokes!) living in Virginia with one wonderful husband, two jobs, three kids, and recently diagnosed (July 08) with thyroid cancer.”

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