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Reporter interning Ms. Williams Goes to Washington Attending Georgetown University and interning as a reporter, this snappy writer is discovering DC’s centers of power. She introduces herself this way: This humble blog is my attempt to chronicle my two months spent at the epicenter of the free world. And no, they’re not letting me anywhere near the World War III button. From some of the posts:

I passed by Tom Delay’s office and started laughing. Then, I had the best crabcakes I’ve ever had in my life courtesy of some lobbyists…who were lobbying for preservation of marine life. Oh the irony.

– – –

Also, I found out quickly that Wisconsin Avenue is where it’s at. Currently, two of my roommates are wandering down that road in an attempt to find the nearest Safeway, an establishment that Tim Russert reportedly frequents. Awesome.

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The roads, while all named after letters (i.e. O, P, and R Streets), are not necessarily in a strict order. This caused a great deal of frustration this past weekend.

The New (food) Kid on the Blog Aunt Esther’s Antipasto She is Bonny Wolf, a DC food writer, who is working on a book of food essays that will be published by St. Martin’s Press. She recently started a blog.

For years, I’ve been telling stories in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and on the radio about my family and friends and the foods we eat. (I also talk about food at the gym, on the subway and in the line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.) Food is the way I connect with the world. I know I’m not alone.

Dumped? Start a blog Texas Cutie There are a lot of reasons to start a blog. Here’s one: Seeing as though I basically got dumped a few days ago, it appears that I’ll have some spare time on my hands. You can read why in this post: Sad Saturday. I never thought I’d be so upset over losing a stupid guy …. But Texas Cutie also considers some of life’s big questions, such as: Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture?

As a whole, men have it easier in our culture but since every successful man got there because of a better woman standing behind him and supporting him, women have the control. Personally I’d rather have control than ease, so I would never wish to be a male.

(Note: The gentlemen at the Cleveland Park Men’s Club gave Texas Cutie a warm intro to the DC blogosphere.) Blonde moments HannahBanana vs. DixonVixen A new blog by: a 25-year-old working girl/grad student who’s enjoying her single status while patiently (and sometimes impatiently) waiting upon the Lord to lead me to the man He’s prepared for me. The goal of her “is to allow people a look at what’s going on in my head…and perhaps my heart.” In this post she shares some of her “blonde moments.”

Most of these occur when I’m tired and my keen observation skillz short-out. … On two separate occasions I have consumed moldly food or drink. (And no, this does not include cheese.)

WonL The reporter on the scene of 11 pubs, one night: The evening came complete with laughter and tears, a passed out metro-sexual on the Metro, a molestor-stache, a bar that smelled like sh*t (apparently due to some problem with the facilities), a political debate, an Irish man singing a Cajun song, a lot of peanuts, and best of all…many drunken “i love you’s.
Also noted:

Some observations about Boston by Another Day in the Life, a College Park blogger, including: Drivers in Boston are mean and rude and possibly crazy. I thought the Beltway and DC were bad, but I was really wrong. Mr. Jess goes to Washington is 21-year-old woman from Honolulu in DC for the summer to work at the National Institute of Health. The blog is about her new DC life, with photos. This is Shannon’s 2005 Marathon Training Blog, a log of her training for the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon. In this post, 10 miles, there’s a food review: Power Bar Harvest, Ice Oatmeal Raisin: this was pretty good. Nice granola-y flavor, enjoyed the raisins. The icing added sweetness, which I consider a plus. Felt less dense than the regular Power Bar. GU, “Just Plain”: not bad. True to it’s moniker, it had a simple, sweet taste. Did the job. Noticed that my teeth felt a bit furry after eating it–must’ve not drunk enough water.
Photo: TV camera operator in Georgetown, Sunday night, M & Wisconsin