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Shannon Sez So
If Shannon Sez So, then it must be. It’s as simple as that folks, no discussion, no debate, no argument, and no compromising (unless I say so). I’m a Scorpio, so you know I’m passionate about all the aspects of my life, especially my opinions. You are welcome to agree, disagree or remain neutral, but my mind is already made up and I sez so.

The thoughts and chronicles of an adorably awkward lesbian.

Katelin Taylor
I am a foodie, fashionista, jeweler, hostess and classic from the DC metro-area. If you aspire to be as cool as Audrey Hepburn, entertain with panache like Dorthy Draper and have Southern charm to get what you want when you want it, then you might have the same ambitious goal as me, read on.

Don’t Think Before You Speak
I’m not so good at the thinking before you speak thing.

Prosaic Paradise
Like many folks, I never got the hang of a paper journal. The audience was the revolution that changed my willingness to keep retrospective track of my life, and my blogging career got started around the time the word itself was coined.

Health and Fitness:

Whip My Assets
I’m Carla Ganiel, a 35 year-old writer, bureaucrat and Maine native living in Washington, DC.

Pop culture and regular culture:

Where pop culture lives and breathes. Plus, cake.

‘Burb Life:

Post categories: overachiever kids, preachy, suburban snobbery.

Marriage Equality:

Things That Were Legalized Before Gay Marriage
A blog that highlights the ridiculous laws and permissions that are granted to Americans, while gay citizens are still waiting for equality.

Politics, culture, Are We Rome

De RePublica
This blog is essentially a place for me to write about anything outside my personal life. (If you are interested in that aspect of me, please find me on Facebook — or, better yet, buy my memoir.) The title of this blog is the name of a book by one of my intellectual heroes, Marcus Tullis Cicero: “On The Republic” or “On The Commonwealth.”

Local news:

Capital Citizen
Current events from the Metro area.