Non-Careers in the City

I’m an old and late mother, but I’m not a technologically assisted one.  I have a toddler and an eight-year old in my mid-forties through good luck.  I never was that much of a type A person, but late motherhood and then single-motherhood definitely moved me onto the type B career track.  This retooling has made me a lot happier, but also a lot broker.

 This means that a lot of the news and gossip and discussion floating around DC doesn’t mean alot to me.  I don’t care whether you want Corian or granite counters in your kitchen.  What type of faucet you select (really, I’ve heard people debate this) is immaterial to me, and get this, everyone else on the planet.  Pick one in your budget.  Be grateful you have a budget that is in the black and not in the red.  Buy the faucet.  Shut up.  Give the remainder in your budget to Medicins sans Frontieres and go forth and whine no more.  Thank you.

 Which brings me to career discussions.  I’m glad, truly glad, that everyone out there has read What Color Is Your Parachute.  But you know what?  It’s a big pile of merde.  If you are very, very lucky, you will be able to make a living doing what you love.  If you are that lucky, enjoy your job.  If you aren’t, do your job and don’t whine.  By all means, keep looking for your dream job.  But you know what?  There aren’t that many jobs that allow you to read Julian Barnes (or better yet, George Pelecanos), eat chocolates, play the guitar, and poke toddlers in the tummy and say “cootchie-coo” while the afflicted toddler chortles happily looking Pillsbury doughboy-ish.

Now, our economy and the war in Iraq would be doing much better if persons with such skills had been selected to attend to the economy and the war in Iraq, but the likelihood of them getting hired for those jobs?  Not so much.

 My view is that the test of maturity and capability is to do well at and take pride in any honest work that pays the bills.  This city really isn’t about that, but raising a family, taking care of those around you, and being a good citizen all require people who can tackle the task at hand whatever that is.

So my question is this:  is there anyone in the current administration capable of actually trying to do a good job?  Because if there is, I haven’t seen any evidence of this.  All evidence at present leads me to believe that Dubya and his minions would have grave difficulty organizing a two-car funeral, and that even if they managed that not-so-difficult feat, the hearse they drove would doubtless  maim the widow and orphans of the deceased.

 This is why I am happy my type A career days are a thing of the past.  I work with people who don’t try to rebuild countries (yet leave those countries in chaos).  It’s so satisfying to not destroy someone’s life when you go to work each day.  Sometimes, I even feel I may have actually done some good.  Not a whole heck of a lot of good, but some good.   Which is more than most in this town can say.

 I will now give thanks and be grateful for working in DC while having a job that doesn’t totally ruin people’s lives.  Life is good.