Chinatown, exploding manhole covers, travels

Rehoboth trip Countersignature This writer discusses the Rehoboth of old and new. And then there’s the food of old and new:

The chips and salsa were fine until I detected the unmistakable flavor of crab. Upon further investigation, I discovered that some of the chips tasted of crab, while others didn’t. To me, this finding could only mean two things: either the chips were old and had been recycled from another table or food had fallen into them in the prep area. Either way, it added up to sloppiness.

To the people of Washington, D.C. I hate kit kats Kit kats’ blog post for some reason reminds me of the DC alert service that sends messages to my cell phone. Perhaps because it’s short and after-the-fact, like DC alerts. For instance yesterday, I learned: “Manhole cover explosion at 18th & G St. NW. No Evacuations.” (I wonder what I would do if it said “evacuate!”) It was followed by this message: “Several street closures surrounding area of man hole cover explosion.” I have never lived in a city with so many manhole cover explosions. Perhaps they should replace the manhole covers with Frisbees. Click on kit kats’ link. It’s very short and very funny and I don’t want to give it away. Something is amiss at IMF/World Bank Skate Blog Here’s some live action detail on yesterday’s manhole cover explosions.

As of 10am, somewhere around 18th and G Streets NW there is a fire. Word on the street is that an underground transformer is burning. The third floor vew we have at work of the NW corner of 18th and G is of smoke coming out of the building there. Streets are closed, the police and secret service are out and none of them are happy.

Pepco spokeswoman Mary-Beth Hutchinson says it’s an ordinary incident…. Yup. Pretty ordinary… I love this city.

Bye Bye Chinatown Belly Button Window I loved the Palace in Chinatown; all that old, beautiful woodwork and atmosphere swept away by development and the chains. But now that this writer’s favorite Chinese grocery, Da Hua Market, is no more, Chinatown, for him, is gone. Take the Circulator Live from the third rail About the new DC bus called the Circulator: A singles bar hopping bus? As “Live from” writes: “The D.C. Circulator will begin running in July, and the bus was open for inspection. Two men were inside to answer questions and distribute brochures.” This blog has the details, including fares and Web site link. Nice Doggy photo by DC-Streets.
Please visit this site: DCBLOOB. He writes, sadly: “Down to 6 page views per day as of May 25, 2005. The point of this is mostly just to post thoughts …” He writes about sports.

DC Blogs noted:


Tiki Tiki Tembo

This poet and musician who dances, lights candles in a shower and runs 12 miles, writes poignantly about the issues in her life.

Maybe I’m fascinated with heads because I’m feeling headless myself. I don’t know when I’ll write another song.

Something else?

What the Kay

Smartly written meditation on life, DC, and change.

I’m just missing things, people are getting different jobs, graduating from college, or grad school, breaking up, geting back together, getting engaged, buying houses, and I’m in my one bedroom apartment watching Robot Chicken with my girlfriend.

MONOGAMY – To do or not to do?

Up All Night Jane

Jane needs to know: Is monogamy natural?

As I am beginning to embark on a possible relationship with a mouth-watering specimen of the opposite sex (oh that’s a mouthful! No pun intended!), I begin questioning the lifestyle changes I’ll have to adapt to.

The 15lb challenge – update

Pink Thunder

Weight Watchers and the importance of databases.

…the power of their database is not to be underestimated. When I looked up foods I’d eaten, I often found alternatives (low fat or fat free) that had half or one-third the impact on my body.

Landlord from hell

DC Sleeps Alone Tonight

Recent rains cause a flooding problem which gives rise to smells. Landlord’s at the beach. Here is part one of the post.

Summer vacation; the first week

Hats from Mexico

No intro needed, just scroll to May 25 post.

… my first week of summer vacation was spent at the outer banks ruining all the organs that inhabit my body with taquitos, pizza and a steady stream of vodka.

Noted: Photographs from Cancun by Bureauqette, beginning May 24. Scroll down.

Golden moments

Avert Your Eyes
What happens when Verizon workers meet Golden Retriever. A wonderfully written piece.

The other day when I returned from work, I found 5 Verizon technicians staring intently at a 3-foot diameter hole they had dug in my yard. They seemed to be mesmerized by their efforts. It was as if the hole was speaking to them.

The nuptials
Learning to fly
From the bachelorette party to touching ceremony ending in a flurry of rose petals and “me catching the bouquet.”
My Orgy Weekend
Yogini at Law
It’s about a weekend realized fully. There are the jewelry discoveries at the International Gem & Jewelry Show at the Dulles Expo Center, jazz at the Kennedy Center, mashed potatoes, yoga and a drink called Arak.

Some of you might not be familiar with Arak….it is a type of alcohol, similar to Ouzo, which is licorice-flavored and very strong. I was introduced to it by my Lebanese boyfriend (hereinafter “LBF” – The term does not imply that I have more than one boyfriend, as I have only one, but it used in a strictly descriptive sense.)

Even on a bike, I can’t ask for directions
Post includes two very detailed Google maps showing two possible bike routes in Alexandria. The first shows the path this writer says he should have taken, the second shows the one he did take. It’s the route with big hills.
Our book
Cleveland Park Junior League
A group blog that’s “not only anti-social, but also dangerous,” and, in this post, also in search of a book contract.

I will write new-school for you: in public on the internet; or I will write old-school if you wish: I will write charmingly, I will write wittily, I will write long-hand on yellow legal pads filched from my current job. I’m a born author.

Star Wars wrap:
Patrick Ruffini and his Star Wars Photoshop Contest, featuring Obi Dick Cheney.
Rock Creek Rambler buys “two lightsaber replicas at $120 a pop.” (Read the comments)Non-Star Wars: If your current job just isn’t working out you can

Make big money driving trucks. Thrashing Through Cyberspace. Humorous photo of a truck sign.

Star Wars confusion

Girly time and Oxytocin
Improbable Things
Knitting and female bonding explored.

Last night I hosted the DC Stitch-n-Bitch, which I’d only ever joined 2x before. So 8 near strangers converged on my place last night, fairly cowing my sniffle-ridden husband into bonding with his Mac all night. It was fun and we broke out the nice champagne glasses to toast… everything.

Fingered and Blue Ridge
A collection of entertaining weekend notes including European shopping insights and a visit to Saint-Ex for dinner. “…we tried to figure out who the clientele were, because really, who’s going to travel to 14th st. for a pricey dinner?”

Star Wars reports:
As DC Blogs finds them

Unrequited narcissism: A side-by-side comparison of Anakin’s hair. “…maybe hair grows at six million times its normal earth growth in the star wars series…”

And from Washington Canard there is a light saber thrust on John Podhoretz’s political attack. “To begin with, Podhoretz’s is a spoiler-filled rant of a preview. “

Finally, Mission Accomplished by Sueandnotu. She confessed to needing a little help with the plot.

“I did require a brief primer, so a few minutes before the dimming of the lights, I asked Kriston, “so what happened in the other movies.” Although I watched them all, I remember little past Natalie Portman’s crazy lipstick…”

Mini golf discovery

Discovered: the hardest mini-golf course I have ever played. And I have played a good number of games in my life– at the Jersey Shore, Ocean City, Rehobeth, Myrtle Beach, rural PA, Ohio…And it was right here in good ol’ Silver Spring.

Frozen Tropics
Stark photograph of an alley in the wholesale food district. In the comments section one visitor wrote: “Your pictures simultaneously inspire and provoke thought.”

Also check out well-framed and titled photo, “Robo Cops,” by Thomas Michael Corcoran, DC cops on Segways.

Water turnoffs

Live action waterless drama, thanks to the DC water main break Saturday

it’s 5am. i’m going to la in three hours. i’m in the middle of doing laundry and have just discovered that the water in my building is off. i have nothing to wear, and my roommate is going to wake up in the morning with a big trashbag full of wet clothes in the bathtub.

Brown water
Rotten Eggs
On a trip and blogging through Alabama, Mississippi. And you thought the water was bad in DC:

Mississippi is the same as Alabama, only with even worse roads. Also, the water is brown, and I don’t mean the water in Old Man River. We stopped at a Hardees and the water was absolutely terrifying. I’m fairly sure that washing my hands in the bathroom actually made them dirtier.

Also, Rude Cactus returns from vacation with pictures.
Star Wars reports
As DC Blogs finds them
Adventure Troubleshc, “
George Lucas You Are Dead to me.”

A Little Flower Garden: I just got back from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Rather dark, it was. Talking like Yoda, I am.

The Bex Blog

A long list of “threes” – such as “three things that scare you,” “three physical things that turn you on,” “three places you want to go on vacation.”

Dresden Dolls report

Fun things to do in DC
Some of the adventure was offstage.

As I was standing in line to get in, I noticed rather more exotic plumage around me than I was accustomed to seeing in DC. There was also a certain restless, simultaneously exhibitionistic and anxious, pulsing energy around me that I hadn’t experienced since … since…since … high school.

The interview
Circle V
DC bloggers have another world beyond the computer and this writer explored it. Helpful FAQ:

You shot tequila! I thought we were going to do two glasses of wine max.
I hit that at the pre-happy, honey.

Photo: Foggy Bottom Metro.
Please send links for blog roll.

Depression and black lacquer

The ship awash, our rudder gone
Standing at the Corner of Evil and Indecision
Free floating angst.

The last couple of days more than anything have felt like something’s missing. I’ve got great friends, a good job, activities that I enjoy to keep busy; heck .. So why do I feel like I’m just adrift?

My soul slides away
I hate kit kats
This is why I telecommute:

On the left side of the corridor is a string of offices side by side like so many cells in a prison. My cell is the second one after the conference room.

Flirting 101
A girl in DC
The art of flirting from a hotel in Chicago.

The hotel here in Chicago has a very nice lounge area downstairs. I just spent time down there enjoying some wine and going over some work. I also started getting some free drinks my way from some Germans who are in town for the restaurant convention that is also happening here.

Dust in the wind
A Silent Cacophony
The title refers to a song by Kansas but this post explains why all prizes aren’t winners.

Speaking of “fair play,” I’m reminded of a time some 10 years ago in Colorado Springs when I heard on the radio that some concert promoters were selling tickets to a performance by the group “Kansas,” and that the first few people in line when the tickets went on sale would be guaranteed seats in Row 1.

The Wedding
Jenny Miller
Scenes from a wedding. A slide show. (This blog also has the coolest title art)

Back in black
Soleil, Lune & Astales
I’m linking this only as a public service for the betterment of humanity.

A hot fashion tip for the summer: Black lacquered toes are all the rage.


Stop McMetro
DC Metro Action

Metro seems intent on pasting advertising on Metro trains and buses. But more troubling is this recent report in the Washington Post: (If the link doesn’t work the story appear May 10, with this head: Cash-Strapped Metro Rolls Out Ad-Wrapped Trains.)

Coming soon will be television screens inside trains and buses that will broadcast news, sports scores and, of course, commercials. Tunnel ads — a series of panel drawings that will appear to move like so many flip cards as the train passes — could be in place as early as the fall. ATMs and banner ads will debut in stations soon.

Can you imagine – TV on the metro? DC Metro Action argues that:

The nation’s capital deserves better. We already have one of the best Metro systems in the country. Don’t let marketers turn it into a giant glossy magazine ad that benefits mega-corporate interests.

Using Brad Pitt as a Metaphor to Describe Life
Up All Night Jane
Jane’s writing is better than the article she excerpts about Pitt.

Then he got married and I said, “Guess I gotta put away that naughty little fantasy!” cause a true woman never fantasizes about another woman’s property, unless you’re in the mood for a little guilt orgasm.

From the line
In Shaw

Most newspapers would be extremely happy for a columnist who could write two times a week what MM writes daily on her neighborhood blog. This entry is a take on views and values.

From the line in the Home Depot Garden Center … you can see the Washington Monument. This is what you notice when waiting to pay for a couple of bags of dirt.

The Anti-Smoking Fascists Are Back
Rock Creek Rambler
Reports that at least one anti-smoking initiative will reach the city council this year, and has information concerning an June 9 “town hall meeting on anti-smoking initiatives.”

I Saw You
The J Word

Fantasy “I Saw You” ad:

Well, being the people watcher I am, I am starting a sorta-section of my blog called: Should-be I Saw You’s

Best Album Cover Tuesday
Tof Renkin Day!
Los Angeles, Las Vegas

The world is full of good blogs and to mix things up a bit on DC Blogs, I intend to occassionally offer a link to an out-of-metro-area blog.

This post features an ablum cover that’s probably not in your collection, “Colonel Sanders’ Tijuana Picnic.” Very interesting ablum art that’s dissected at length.

Our favorite part of the album photo is the big box next to the woman. Everyone knows that KFC comes in buckets, just like the Colonel himself is holding, and when I first saw the big box with handles, I was, to be honest…shocked and awed.

Dates and other things

Craig’s List Guinea Pig
A Blog Mainly About Food
The writer, Kanishka, has seat for two Friday evening “for a special preview of
Sonoma.” But whom to take?

I could take a friend, someone I’ve known and know is a food fan (no one specific in mind, thinking out loud here). Or… I could take a date. Some may ask “How would you get said date?” And to you I respond: Craigslist!

Illegal Dumping at The Salvation Army
Frozen Tropics
Report with photo of unwanted goods dumped in front of the Salvation Army on the 1300 block of H Street. “Dumped items include everything from old refrigerators to boxes of broken dishes to dresser shells …”

Kathryn on
Well-turned report with warranted outrage on very strange behavior.

So, Spring is in the air, more or less. And for some reason, whether it’s the increased skin exposure in the DC area or the fundamental biological effects of the season, the pervs are out.

And Then There Was Monday
The Daily Bulletin From Dating Hell
The dating scribe shares some emails and wonders: A date or something else?

Notice that he says “just a hang out night” – that sounds like intentional platonicization, doesn’t it?

Taking my money
Conversations with mud
Problems with credit card and bank charges reported here.

I’d be a lot less stressed if people would stop taking my money without my permission! I don’t know what the deal is this past year, but businesses and organizations have ransacked my bank card and credit card without my permission.

Skaters at Hains Point
Skate Blog

It’s a perfect place for being on wheels. Roads run along the perimeter of Hains Point and they have been recently paved, making for a smooth ride on skates. The grade is flat. There are no hills to climb.

Photo: Windows display on P Street near CVS, Whole Foods Market.

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DC Blogs noted

Sad Day in Georgetown

A photograph of Joseph Pozell, the volunteer police officer, who was stuck by a vehicle in Georgetown this weekend and seriously injured. This photo, taken a few weeks earlier, shows Officer Pozell at work.


Five points, with great links, are here, including a very funny critique of a Craig’s List personal. “Who goes to the Cheesecake Factory to eat a salad?

But this writer really cranks in his recent post, “Getting ready to get killed with – atomic style.”

Lots of helpful tips for dealing with a nuclear blast, and pointers to make it easy to distinguish, for instance, a nuclear explosion from gentrification.

Where’s that pesky steering wheel
Washington Socialites

Writer Kelly Ann Collins discovers she needs a driver’s license and must take a road test. She also needs a car for this road test.

ADD on a Sunday Afternoon
More Than My Luggage

If you had big plans Sunday to head to the office but came up short, don’t worry: you’re in good company. This writer details every step of a Sunday that includes Salem’s Lot, Popeye’s, string cheese and blogging.

Nuptials Drama
The Bex Blog

This writer shares some moments in her life and her running. This is a two-part post. The first is, “Well here’s one way to ensure a sh***y race.

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Photos: Assorted buildings on 17th near Mass Avenue.

Real estate storms

Bus math
Breaching the Web

Have gas prices made public transit the real deal? You can live close to the city. There’s a condo selling in my building, 507 square-feet, for $229,000 with a $427 monthly maintenance charge that includes gas, air and heat. It’s one block from the Foggy Bottom metro. A few years ago condos in this building, studios in particular, were selling for well below $150,000. In 2000, $60,000 to $80,000 was the norm. Of course, I rent.

Someone I was talking to other night about the booming housing prices asked how values could climb faster than salaries, and said: “Did I miss the money boom?”

I bought a house in Connecticut in 1987 during a similar upturn in housing prices. A few years later that property lost about 30% of its value during the ’89 decline. When I moved to DC in 1998 I thought housing was a bargain, but I wasn’t in a position to buy because of the Connecticut house that I couldn’t sell above its mortgage.

It’s argued that DC isn’t likely to see a drop in housing values because properties were undervalued for so long, and the economy is strong. Will property values continue to rise, stall or decline? If I had any real understanding of these issues I wouldn’t be blogging; I’d be fixing my roof or something.

But this is all far removed from what this interesting blog discusses:

It turns out that it is actually cheaper, right now, for my husband and I to take the bus to and from work. It costs us $1.92 in gas to drive the 23.2 mile round trip. It would cost us just $0.66 in bus fare.

…. I’m not sold on this plan yet….

Give Me Penn Avenue
Dirty Words

Despite the city’s housing prices, some wouldn’t live anywhere else.

It’s official—I’m back in the city, slowly awakening from my suburban nightmare. Really, Silver Spring isn’t so bad, but in 3 years I met no one, man–I mean, no one.

Booty bouquet
I Crap In a Box

This is the blog of “Maddie, a fabulous foul-mouthed Calico from Washington, D.C. I sleep, whine and poop a lot,” and it’s LOL funny. Really. Absolutely check it out.

Dinner Friday & others

This is a relatively new blog by a twenty-something writer. There aren’t many posts, but this blog is off to an entertaining start.

Yikes!! So my unemployed friend was telling me about a disturbing phenomenon among us twenty something ladies in Washington, DC. And it’s called “office ass.”

Those big thunderstorms
Capital Weather

In another life, I was an aerographers mate in the U.S. Navy. I spent most of my service time, nearly 3 out of four years, at the U.S. Feet Weather Central and Joint Typhoon Tracking facility on Guam (since relocated to Hawaii), a place I would happily live but it might be pushing it to telecommute from there. It’s a mere 7-hour flight from Hawaii.

Capital Weather has a nice report about Saturday’s t-storms, witnessed by their reporter at the rain delayed Nationals game. A photo of the gathering clouds, expertly and artfully done, is also posted.

Last night, 20,000+ fans at the Nationals-Cubs game (including me), witnessed a display of firepower and intensity in the heavens unrivaled with any they may ever see on the baseball diamond.

As if I did not already know
Penny Lives

There is something called the online “Personality Defect Test,” which the writer of this blog takes. If you like to start your day off by being insulted, take the test. He shares his results.


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