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Clever: Gay Cake: A play in two acts. Pundit Mom.

Advocates for higher density in DC’s most fantastic neighborhoods have scored a major victory. Ten story pop-up planned for U Street rowhouse. Urban Turf. Loof Lirpa.

The Republic of T takes a well penned and thoughtful trip into “The backlash against discrimination and GOP’s Indiana program.”

DC is attacked by superior creatures, as we all know. Curbed DC.

This is fun: The most Washington movie. Capital Comment.

DC Blogs Noted


DC steps up and joins the travel boycott to Indiana. Capital Comment.

Jason’s View from DC writes about the mess and the backlash in Indiana.

The “Hidden Peeps” is just too good. Washington Post. This diorama contest is a smash.

Further degradation of humanity coming to DC. Famous DC.

The 15 books that Zandria read in March.

DC Tropics will be on TV.

Political sign on a DC bus. Photo. Econo Girl.

Metro double-whammy. Scotto’s Wall Scrawls.

Just what was the title of that movie? Life as List.

DC Blogs Noted

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Overheard in DC is one the best things that DCist produces. This is a fine example.

Manda Writes Things read the DOJ report on Ferguson and pulls out details you may not have seen in news accounts. Her findings are blood boiling.

Great photos: Sailing down the James River. WhereaboutsPhoto.

My Amused Bouche goes into a Dublin fast food fish and chips restaurants with an appetite and returns with photos and a story.

Ted Cruz wants to meddle with DC’s law. Vox Populi.

Micro units approved for Blagden Alley. Follow first link in Urban Turf‘s post for detail on the size of these units.

DC Blogs Noted

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New Columbia Heights has a nice write-up of the soon-to-close Chief Ike’s Mambo Room and its place in DC’s cultural life. Interesting.

It’s the simple questions the pose the biggest problems. A Wash of Paint.

SALM has details about a something called a “cat cafe” that will open this summer. Wikipedia has this about it.

Jimbo spies a Woodcock in Kenilworth Park. Photos.

If growing weed isn’t your thing, DCist‘s new column, The Green Rush, about growing this once illegal plant, might be a useful primer for indoor tomato plants as well.

LA’s last bookseller. Drive the District. Interesting story from the other side.

DC Blogs Noted

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Wonderful photos of creative dress in DC. Panda Head.

Well, if plumbing adventures of the worst sort interest you, then this post won’t flush away your time. Pithy Pants.

Best reason ever for giving up a car and biking to work. Roll Call.(Warning: Unrelated auto play video starts.)

When is a bike considered abandoned? City Desk.

Photographers: Photo ’15 is taking submissions. The show will be at Multiple Exposures Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art in October. Daily Campello Art News

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First full day in Korea after a 10 year absence. Arielmin.

The 42 Bus chronicles recent changes in Adams Morgan: the closing of Chief Ike’s, the start of work permitting of the long-planned-discussed-debated hotel, and the plan to open Songbyrd. Regarding the later, the sign has been in the window for sometime, but the Twitter account is very active.

There is a $5,000 reward for information regarding a kitten shot in the eye. Photo. Frozen Tropics. Photo.

There was a V-22 Osprey flying around DC the other day. It got quite a bit attention on Twitter, but DC Tropics has some nice photos of this helicopter.

Bitches Who Brunch turns five this month.

Dealing with a boot is Lemon Gloria.

It’s a boy cow. Photo. Slow Cook.

DC Blogs Noted

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The blog Capitol Romance does an exceptional job of photography and story-telling. You can’t helped to be touched and feel the joy of “Tenny & Aaron’s surprise wedding in DC.”

Bricks fall from St. Ex Building. Photos at PoP.

DC Handgun Info is a blog about gun ownership in DC, but the writer says his blog is a little low on the list of ranked blogs in the U.S.

The people at Starbucks, described. Scary Mommy.

The blog, Where’s the Solar spies solar in Adams Morgan.

Brian’s Coffee Spot explores the original branch of the Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar in Dupont Circle.

Columbia Heights neighborhood gets a national shout-out, thanks to AP travel story. New Columbia Heights.

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A long time DC resident and founder of AmericaBlog, is leaving blogging and moving to NYC to take on a new job. He explains that since 2008, blogging has become a difficult business.

Ten things i’ve learned living on my own. Unemployed Kat.

Bikester urban hipster cult to gridlock Arlington. Arlington Yupette. The Sun had a recent story about the need for safety improvements.

Do you know DC as well as Frank Underwood does? MedillOnTheHill. If not, this will help.

A DC artist and his “darkly cynical” drawings. Living in a Box. About an interesting show at Flashpoint Gallery.

The latest fashion is something called Culottes. Hungry Lobbyist.

DC Blogs Noted


But I do have a law degree takes a trip to London and is reminded by how much her life has changed.

Photo of car smashed by tree on New Hampshire. PoP.

I hate the Philadelphia Flower Show, writes DC Tropics, who provides an interesting report nonetheless.

That’s what makes you beautiful. The Art in Life.

DC Fiscal Policy Institute says DC can do more to help parents find employment. It writes: One-third of DC adults with a high school degree are either unemployed, working part-time despite wanting a full-time job, or too discouraged to even look for work.

DC Blogs Noted


A teacher tells an interesting story about behavior in a seventh grade literature class. Bloom in DC.

Dealing with the problem of stealth nightclubs in neighborhoods. SALM.

An interview with one of the people behind a planned movie theater and bar in Mount Pleasant. New Columbia Heights.

Urban Turf draws attention to a report that looks at the cost of renting a one bedroom apartment in DC. It makes plain the high cost of living in just about every neighborhood.

Ok, if housing cost aren’t a problem and you like windows then here’s an inside look of a $2.7M apartment. Open House.

Interesting: Why restaurants don’t seat incomplete parties. Best Bites.

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