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union station redux

My mother slept here and here. A clever family history. Washington DC My Home Town.

It’s extremely hard to come to terms with “Georgetown Gondolas.” Photos look like some futuristic post card taken 100 years ago. The post, at Curbed DC, tells us that the gondola will be able to carry more than 4,000 passengers in each direction per hour.

DC needs three bedroom apartments (not that anyone can afford them) and proposes an incentive. Greater Greater Washington.

A new favorite Mexican bottomless brunch at Johnny Pistolas in Adams Morgan. The Bottomless Mimosa.

Republicans ignore the message of Selma, writes The Republic of T.

DC Blogs Noted

street 567

Jenn and Victor’s casual engagement pictures at Capitol Hill Books. Capitol Romance. The personal profiles, along with the inventive photos, makes this post a treat.

G’Eclair to bring trendy french pastry to Adams Morgan. French Twist DC. A natural expert on what works in France, writes about the next arrival to satisfy DC’s never ending sweet-tooth.

BicycleSPACE plans expansion in Adams Morgan. Housing Complex.

How come people aren’t using electric scooters to get around DC? Apartment Therapy.

How DC forced me to grow up. GLI at the University of Montana.

The top 10 signs you’ve been dating in DC too long. Your Tango.

Georgetown’s first pot party. The Georgetown Metropolitan.

A history of the “Colored American,” a turn of the century (the century before the one we just passed) newspaper. The Lion of Anacostia.

U Street 1930s neon liquor sign for sale. The House History man.

DC Blogs Noted


Healthy food is replaced by donuts from the Sugar Shack. The Art in Life.

If you like to make pizza, here’s a recommendation for pizza dough, or The Dough. The Frosts go to DC Metro.

TD Burger food review, one year later. DC Outlook.

DC Council goes on record in support of drinking outside of breweries. DCist.

The Washington Lobbyist list the top 10 most accessible lobbies.

Seven data ideas for the hopeless romantic. Where in the District.

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Are we really this close to opening day? DC Sports Report.

Frozen Tropics discovers something interesting about the menu at Granville Moore’s.

Ten reasons why I respect the toddler. Scary Mommy.

Cloture Club reviews Washington City Paper’s vodka party.

What Mickey Eats has dinner at Marcel’s, and takes lot of photos of the various courses.

If you have never heard of the Cavedwellers, you don’t know Washington as well as you think. Capital Comment.

Book nerd buys shirt about reading. Word Perv.

DC Blogs Noted

sky plane

What happens when the furnace runs out of oil. First, you get up up at 3:30 a.m. Alice’s Adventures Underground.

This is interesting even if you aren’t a photographer. Why staff photographer jobs are declining and what to do about it. Photo Business News.

Some nice photos of Compass Coffee. Dating Rules for Sitcoms.

Where did Michelle Obama have dinner? POP.

Hungry-man spicy fried chicken reviewed via video. Robert Dyer at Bethesda Row.

DC Blogs Noted


Some really excellent photos at WhereaboutsPhoto.

Another great photo, “what is that red thing staring at me?life on (and off) O street.

A local restaurant in Brookland will re-open soon as something that sounds interesting. The Brookland Bridge spoke with the owner.

This is worth reading for the first paragraph alone. By the urban cyclist, Tales From The Sharrows.

If this is your thing, City Desk has assembled a succinct guide about pot use, what you can legally do, and all the rest. Meanwhile, Capital Comment says Congress is powerless to stop marijuana legalization.

DC Blogs Noted


Vox Populi says that DC is about to get new Bible museum. The old Bible museum wasn’t good enough, apparently.

We really don’t need a boomer list. However, Jason’s View from DC, thinks it’s a good idea.

Outbreak! On the front lines of a measles epidemic. American History Blog.

This is what winter has come down to: Seven ways to prevent your pipes from freezing. Urban Turf.

The Oscars were boring. Ah Bugger.

DC Blogs Noted


Manda Writes Things gives 50 Shades of Grey a beating.

A late arrival to smart phones, Orange Explains it All, describes how his transition came about and what it means. Excerpt: I grew more interested in these smart phones when social media began pulling bloggers away from their blog posts and over to platforms of image sharing that did not admit old fashioned users of desktop or laptop computers to see nor post images.

Finding love via intellectual analysis. Unemployed Kat.

Noah E. Sedgwick: A black cop in DC’s gilded age. Quondam Washington. An impressive piece of historical research.

Really vanished Washington. The scene, before and today, at 1st and Penn NW. The Ruined Capitol.

My Life in Lipstick is in New Orleans and in words and photos she describes how she feels about this city, and writes: There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love New Orleans.

DC Blogs Noted


Dept. of Understated Incredulity: DC shut down (including Metrobus service) in response to four inches of snow. Rebuilding Place.

A 1921 ad for Columbia Heights homes. Ghosts of DC. The homes cost $6,300, and according to the government’s CPI inflation calculator that works out to $83,000 in today’s dollars.

Rosslyn Safeway manager overnights in Rosslyn to ensure 6 a.m. store opening. The Ode Street Tribune.

Mass Hysteria. Jason’s View from DC.

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