Put ‘Em On The Glass

I saw DC Councilmember Jim Graham while I was out having a drink at Temperance Hall last night. It’s funny, because I tend to disagree with the hard-line stance Graham takes when it comes to city nightclubs and bars that cater to an urban(read: non-white) demographic. That said, I realized that I could not argue with those views too much that night once I walked past The House gentleman’s club.

Now, I’m all for having the option of going to a bar and seeing strippers. I just don’t like going back to the car and seeing it plastered with photos of butt cheeks. Strip club flyers tend to follow this format: Very graphic collages of strippers in thongs, with directions to the club, and the mention of some kind of raggedy extra incentive, such as “Free Papa Johns Pizza Night” or “Chocolate Thunder’s Birthday Celebration.” Most nights, and especially on the weekends, these flyers are all over the neighborhood.

The funniest thing to me is that a brand new charter school is being built about three doors down from The House, and about a couple over from a liquor store. I’m assuming that the adult establishments’ days must be numbered, because that bit of city planning is a recipe for disaster! I can almost hear the conversations between parents and  students that are sure to happen:

“Mommy, why is the woman on this photo putting her leg behind her head? And where are her clothes?”

“OH MY GOD! Where did you get that from?!”

“It was on the sidewalk outside of school.”

Like I said, this is not an attack on strip clubs, because I think that men (and women who are into that type of thing) should have the right to go there. Nor is it an attack on The House, because Lord knows I have had some wild nights in that place over the years! The purpose of this entry is merely to suggest that the promoters and club staff find a different way to advertise their adult events. That way, the new school and the old nudie bar can coexist!

Oh yeah, get rid of the winos and druggies begging for money outside the front door of the club, while you’re at it. Thanks. If any of you readers live near a strip club or just want to speak on it, feel free to leave a comment.