Recent additions to live feed

A few months worth of requests:


P.S. in Excess

Design In Third Person

Small Biz Boomer

The DC Bike Blogger

DC Vacant Properties

Roommate Column

You Signed Up for What

Mak Photography

Washington Lobbyist


Raw in the Middle

Mystery Incorporated

DC Tropics

the democracy diva

Epicurean in DC

Greatest Escapist


Supreme Cart

By Way of Kingston

Wish I Knew DC

Best Thing on the Menu

arlington darling

The DC Ladies

Gluten Free? Gimme Three!

The District Digest

Short Articles about Long Meetings

The Unapologetic DINK


Real Talk

DC Curbed

Tenleytown, DC

Theodore Carter

Pefectly Peace Yoga

Notes and observations:

Trend 1: Most of the blogs in this update are using Word Press. While Blogger is well represented, that platform seems to be getting less use by local bloggers.

Trend 2: There has been no real increase in the number of blogs specifically covering neighborhoods. The trend is mixed. Some neighborhood blogs appear to be fading away or on pause. But, clearly there are a good number of blogs that provide regular neighborhood news and comment and a few that offer a forum for District-wide issues. One shoutout: A relatively new arrival, Short Articles about Long Meetings, is a great addition to the local scene. The writer is providing regular coverage of some area ANC meetings. Covering meetings isn’t easy but it can be particularly valuable, since many neighborhood issues bubble up at ANC meetings long before they hit the mainstream media.

Technical note for Blogger publishers: Due to the way Google works on our live feed, you need to set your blog time zone to GMT 00, London time for the best experience. Doing so will ensure that your post appears on the top of the feed. But it’s not essential that you do it. Your blog will still be in the feed but will appear approximately four hours deep into it. For most users of the live feed, who may scan once a day, appearing on top doesn’t necessarily matter.

Blog listings: The static blog lists aren’t being updated. Partly it is a code problem. This blog has to migrate off its current platform and is in great need of a refresh, but this blog operates without raising revenue, and the server cost used to host the live feed are expensive. We need some professional design help, but don’t have a budget for it. The other issue is practicality. Ten years ago, a static listing made sense because local blogging was really taking off. There remains much local blog activity, but the typical blog last less than a year and many rarely make it past three months. Keeping a static list current is a Sisyphean chore for us and for you, dear reader, since the links may yield little. However, once a blog is listed in the live feed it stays there. If a blog publishes, it appears on the live feed.



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