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An occasional listing of new additions to the DCBlogs live feed.

Life As List. Liz in Fairfax says this about herself: I am impatient and have a short attention span, thus, I prefer bullet points to flowery paragraphs. I also enjoy compiling lists.

leftbrainwrite. Linda says this about herself: By day, I’m an uptight and proper academic – you know, a publish or perish type who resides in tall towers with the likes of Rapunzul. In the evening, I morph into a lovable mom and wife, play with my children, hang with the hubby. But when darkness falls and the house stills, I write.

Seven Punch Combo writes about boxing. Its writer, Tim, says this about his effort: I harbored a lifelong hatred of violence. Then, extended periods of insomnia several years ago lent themselves to late night channel-surfing. Sometimes, hungry for anything that resembled action in a river of infomercials, I would stop on boxing. Before long, I found myself saying what Jim Lampley said during Toney-Jirov: “It’s amazing that humans can do this.” Now, the fight game’s my favorite sport.

Bacon Unwrapped. Heather, a DC-based writer, blogs about bacon and where it sizzles.

Karma Calling. Bioinformatics Analyst by day, Writer by night.

Update your links. A new url I Am Not Lying, For Real. The writer recently moved to NYC.

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