Regal Gallery Place Management Cracks Down on Annoying Patrons

For anyone familiar with movie theaters in our area, certain annoyances are to be expected.

There are the chair-kickers, the play-by-play reciters, the dayglo cellphone blinders, and last but not least, the inappropriate baby-bringers.

Last night, I attended a late showing of 30 Days of Night, fully prepared to put the smackdown on nearby annoying patrons.

I sat in the back-row to avoid the chair-kickers and prayed that no play-by-play needers nor givers would sit near me.

A few minutes into the preview for yet another Martin Lawrence vehicle (who are this man’s fans, anyway??) a manager walked in and did the unbelievable…

He went row-by-row and warned the large groups of young people not to get rowdy during the film. Later, a female manager did the same, ominiously saying to our row in particular, if folks start making noise,”…Let me know“.

That’s a good first step to making it seem like one may not be flushing $9.50 down the toilet by risking a movie in a DC theater.

Good job, managers. It’s about time!

Next time, though, I’d suggest you wait until the previews are done and make a loud announcement at the front of the theater, to catch the late stragglers.

There were those who heard what happened from their friends and loudly challenged “I don’t give a *bleep!* what they said!”

Despite that, aside from a few blinding bits of dayglo and a few muted comments, this showing was surprisingly subdued.

…Of course, this also could have been because the movie sucked, but it’s a start people, it’s a start.