Rolling Thunder

Dead Soldiers Grace’s Poppies

It’s not just the tourists and Vietnam vets arriving this weekend. This is Memorial Day, so of course all the dead soldiers are stirring: the ones who tend to linger here anyway, and others who feel unfamiliar — as if they’re arriving from elsewhere (odd, isn’t it, to think that even ghosts have their affinities for specific chunks of the landscape?)

There’s also a post about DC’s tourists, They’re here! Rolling Through Noticing Life
This is a powerful post; it starts off as below, an effective and disarming entry, that moves quickly into the heart of matters that disturb and haunt.

I walked into Rock Bottom Brewery at 9:30 last night with my husband and daughter. Looking for a table we walked past bikers in full colors. A few in wheelchairs. My husband took one look, screwed up his face, and gave a full on city “sniff.”

Rolling Thunder photos by Joe Tresh Cheering on I-95 The Dangling Conversation Rolling Thunder scene with photo from I-95 North:

About 30 miles from DC on I-95 I started to notice people gathered on every overpass of the highway. They were all waving flags, milling around on bikes and foot. I waved back to some through my roof, pretending the warm welcome was all for me …

Memorial Day, 2005 Retirement Days Ex-Fed writes:

Memorial Day is now the official kick-off to summer with long waits at the Bay Bridge for the trek to Ocean City. How long will the wait be for the more than 1,600 U.S. men and women killed in Iraq? Will the 20,000 U.S. soldiers who have lost eyes, arms, and legs enjoy the beaches like they used to do?

Birthday, 23 Beauty and the Beltway This blog writer, “The story of a Montana girl surviving life in the District,” turned 23 Sunday, and she writes:

DC has been taken over by the Veterans, and I don’t have to work, so I will probably just go to church and then come home, do laundry and watch a movie. After all, 23 isn’t exactly a landmark. Maybe I’ll walk to the fire hook bakery and get a Key Lime Tart and a candle so I can make my wish. After all it’s time for a new one, since the old one didn’t live up to expectations.

Rolling Thunder with Andre Liam and Arnebeth, here we go

slept lightly last night. a quarter of a million rolling thunder boys are grinding up and down the highway near the apartment…

In from Denver for spelling bee Nouveau Niveau Just arrived from Denver for the National Spelling Bee beginning June 1. Nouveau Niveau writes:

The Grand Hyatt is beautiful. I have been telling the kids, “This hotel isn’t designed for families. It’s *really* nice and there’s no swimming pool.” They have all been awed by how nice it really is… beautiful fountains, a grand piano on an “island” surrounded by water, a glass atrium-type ceiling that seems a mile high with this gigantic American flag hanging at the very top.

Tourist report: Clubs with Ma-moo Tubie Blair Who are the tourist? Tubie Blair from Atlantic Beach, Florida, for one and her husband to celebrate their fifth anniversary. But there’s an adventure, too:

Ma-moo drove us to this hole in the wall club in this random part of town, and we saw Bright Eyes. First off, Digital Ash sounded amazing live. It was way more intense than the CD. Conner is dramatic, he may not know it, but he is. …. After a few drinks I made my way over and we had a chat.

Photo: National Mall, Saturday