Six Degrees of Blog Separation

Consider the concept of blog connections.  Reya has referred to it as blog familiesHammer has spoken about the connections in our community.  My blog was named after this concept.

So I decided to play a game:  Six Degrees of Blog Separation.

I was curious about a lot of things: Who is in my blog family?  How far out can I track the connection?  Can I find my way back to the DC blog community after venturing out around the world?

More after the jump.

1.  I began with a link from my blogroll:  Lookin2Live.  I have met Barbara a few times and feel like I know her through her blog.  She is a committed blogger and a contributing member of the DC Blog community.

2.  Barbara links to Riseoutofme, a blog I’ve never read before.  A busy mother of 4, she is contemplating participating in the NoBloPoMo this month.  And attempting to get back to “real life” after her vacation ended two weeks ago.

3.  Riseoutofme links to Stomper Girl, based in Melbourne, Australia.  Stomper Girl recently attended her friend’s 40th birthday party where they partied like 20 year olds.  I can relate to that.

4.  Stomper Girl links to Six Impossible Things,  named after a line from Alice in Wonderland. Jacqueline also lives in Melbourne, was born in New Zealand.  Her blog includes lots of pictures of friends, pets, places, etc.  I enjoy the photo of Jacqueline “junketing”.  Not sure what it means, but it sounds fun.

5.  Jacqueline links to Que Sera Sera.  This blogger, Sarah, is from Oklahoma and lives in New York.  Her sense of humor comes through in posts such as her recent one about bed pillows.  And there is a great picture of the back of her head.

6.  Que Sera Sera links to Defective Yeti.  Matthew lives in Seattle, a 36 year old father and writer.  Not sure what a “clone code” is?  Check out his recent post.

So that’s my six degrees. 

When I checked to see if I could venture far away with someone else’s six degrees and then link back to me, the answer, of course was yes.  I started with the DC Blogs live feed.  Here’s the path I found:

1.  Finding Blanche– her post about Selective Memory caught my eye.

2.  Blanche links to The Sneeze.  Great name isn’t it?  Check out his pumpkin porn.  (You have to scroll down a few entries.)

3.  The Sneeze links to Defective Yeti

Our six degrees crossed paths in 3 clicks… By way of a Seattle based blog.

Check out your own Six Degrees.  How far out into the world can you go?  How many clicks does it take to get back to the DC Blog community?