Star Wars confusion

Girly time and Oxytocin
Improbable Things
Knitting and female bonding explored.

Last night I hosted the DC Stitch-n-Bitch, which I’d only ever joined 2x before. So 8 near strangers converged on my place last night, fairly cowing my sniffle-ridden husband into bonding with his Mac all night. It was fun and we broke out the nice champagne glasses to toast… everything.

Fingered and Blue Ridge
A collection of entertaining weekend notes including European shopping insights and a visit to Saint-Ex for dinner. “…we tried to figure out who the clientele were, because really, who’s going to travel to 14th st. for a pricey dinner?”

Star Wars reports:
As DC Blogs finds them

Unrequited narcissism: A side-by-side comparison of Anakin’s hair. “…maybe hair grows at six million times its normal earth growth in the star wars series…”

And from Washington Canard there is a light saber thrust on John Podhoretz’s political attack. “To begin with, Podhoretz’s is a spoiler-filled rant of a preview. “

Finally, Mission Accomplished by Sueandnotu. She confessed to needing a little help with the plot.

“I did require a brief primer, so a few minutes before the dimming of the lights, I asked Kriston, “so what happened in the other movies.” Although I watched them all, I remember little past Natalie Portman’s crazy lipstick…”

Mini golf discovery

Discovered: the hardest mini-golf course I have ever played. And I have played a good number of games in my life– at the Jersey Shore, Ocean City, Rehobeth, Myrtle Beach, rural PA, Ohio…And it was right here in good ol’ Silver Spring.

Frozen Tropics
Stark photograph of an alley in the wholesale food district. In the comments section one visitor wrote: “Your pictures simultaneously inspire and provoke thought.”

Also check out well-framed and titled photo, “Robo Cops,” by Thomas Michael Corcoran, DC cops on Segways.