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S. Krishnas Books
Book reviews, giveaways and random musings.

Inner Loop Lit
Inner Loop Lit consists of reviews of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, from or about Washington, D.C., as well as reports of local bookstores and literary events. In focusing exclusively on authors, books, and bookstores in and about the DC area, Inner Loop Lit seeks to build a more cogent and coherent literary community for local writers and readers.


Drum’n’bass (also called dnb) is kind of a niche scene in the area, but has been around since the early ’90s, sort of as a branch off of the local rave scene. Our area boasts several DJs and producers (notable producers of the genre include Telemetrik, Hyx & Houston, Sinthetix, CJ Weaver, Headhunterz Inc.), a couple record labels, and there are usually one to three events a week that have a dnb DJ on the line-up. The blog has three regular features every week, and occasionally some additional topic-relevant posts.


Washington Bella
A twenty-something Sweet Briar alumna writing about everything I’m interested in: politics, world news, books, beauty, film, food allergies, security, computer nerd stuff, restaurants, and my life in the city.

Mirella McCracken’s Blog
The entire blogging idea is a new concept. When I was young people kept diaries, today they blog. Two years ago when I heard about blogging I was shocked. I kept asking myself what make people love the idea of posting the most intimate events in their life on a public website where everyone can see it? From: Why do we Blog?

Make Lemons
Random thoughts from a 30-something gal that works hard and plays hard.


Capitol Catholic
My name is Michael. I’m a freshman at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I’m embarking on a project to attend mass at every Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. I’m using this blog to share my thoughts and observations on this project with others.


GlAA Forum blog
GLAA is pleased to offer an online site for discussion of affairs that affect the quality of life of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of the District of Columbia. Through this social networking media GLAA aspires to connect to new generations of LGBT advocates and straight allies and to strengthen our organization’s abilities to communicate and broadcast to a broad and diverse population.


No Princesses Here!
I’m a SAHM of a very lively 2 year old girl. Most days are just about trying to keep my sanity and sense of humor intact. I’m originally from Western PA and I miss it terribly- the people, the food, and of course my beloved sports teams. My snarky blue-collar attitude keeps me feeling like a fish out of water most of the time here in Northern Virginia. My awesome husband and I have been together for almost 12 years. I am not a princess and neither is our daughter. This is our story.